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St. John U.S. Virgin Islands Guidebook-USVI

St. John On Foot And By Car 

St. John, USVI Guidebook

Our St. John guidebook features 4 self-guided walking and motor tours of the history, culture and natural beauty of this Caribbean gem. The book makes St. John sightseeing adventuresome and fun. Nearly three-fifths of this exotic island has been thoughtfully preserved as a National Park.  

Explore the beautiful talcum-white beaches of Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay
Learn to identify the exotic fauna and flora of this St. John U.S. Virgin Islands paradise
Observe magical underwater sea worlds and learn about St. John's colorful coral reefs and how they were formed
Discover ruins of at Annaberg and other historic Virgin Islands sugar plantations
See St. John's ancient Pre-Columbian Indian rock carvings

St. John USVI fauna, flora, plants, flowersSt. John U.S. Virgin Islands, belongs to the U.S. Virgin Islands archipelago (which includes both the United States and British Virgin Islands). The group lies 1100 miles southeast of Miami and 1600 miles south of New York. There are three major islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands chain. The two largest are St. Croix and St. Thomas, next comes tiny St. John. The U.S. Virgin Islands are hilly and alive with exotic vegetation. It is sunny almost  every day in the USVI. Temperatures are pleasant, ranging from the mid-70s to 90 degrees year round, which makes St. John U.S. Virgin  Islands sightseeing an enjoyable experience.

St. John On Foot And By Car is divided into several parts. The guidebook begins with an overview of the island. There are no shopping malls and  no casinos on tiny St. John. However, the scenery is breathtaking, and there are plenty of activities and attractions. The beaches on St. John U.S. Virgin Islands are some of the best in the world! This book is your guide to a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The book starts out with a Brief History of the island of St. John, beginning with its discovery  by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Fearing the island of St. John might be inhabited by fierce Carib Indians, Columbus maneuvered his ships close to the St. John, but chose not to land. Had he come ashore, he would have discovered that Taino Indians were in residence at the time. Tainos were a nation of peaceful Indians who supported themselves by fishing, gathering food from the land, and growing produce.

The 4 self-guided tours of St. John U.S. Virgin Islands, arranged as follows:

 1. WALKING TOUR OF BAY VILLAGE (2.5 Hours). This tour begins with a visit to the Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center followed by a brief hike out to Lind Battery, where visitors can enjoy the view of the picturesque setting of Bay harbor, the principal village on the St. John. Includes visits to the Administration Building (a former 18-century fortress) and the local Elaine Ione Sprave Library & Museum, which has a wonderful assortment  of artifacts, curious old photographs, historical documents and examples of hoop basket-making on view to the public. 
2. NORTH SIDE TOUR (4.5 Hours) Exploring the North Side of St. John, visitors will have a chance to experience stunning beaches like Trunk Bay and Hawksnest. The tour begins at the historic Caneel Bay Plantation Resort, located less than a mile from the village of Cruz Bay. Caneel played a key role in St. John’s historic slave revolt of 1733. There are historic ruins scattered around the grounds of Caneel, most St. John USVI Maho Bay Camps glass blowingnotable is the Caneel sugar mill, which today hosts one of the resort's restaurants. Besides Caneel, other highlights of the tour include stops at Annaberg, Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay, where visitors will discover a great deal about St. John’s history and get better acquainted with the natural beauty of the island. On this tour, visitors will also learn about one of St. John's famous former residents, Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb, who chose to live on St. John as a recluse for many years. There’s an opportunity to use several of the guidebook’s handsomely illustrated identification guides to St. John's birds, fish and woodland creatures. There is also instruction on coral identification and information on how coral reefs are formed. Visitors will enjoy their stop at Maho Bay Camps where they may have an opportunity to witness a glass blowing demonstration or to attend an interpretive lecture or slide show about St. John. Maho Bay Camps is one of the world’s first “green resorts” and was conceived and built by pioneer eco-resort developer, Stanley Selengut, in the 1970s. This popular St. John US Virgin Islands resort was constructed using techniques that caused minimal erosion, thereby avoiding coral reef damage.
3. CENTERLINE ROAD AND THE EAST AND SOUTH SIDES (4.5 Hours). Stops on this tour include the ruins of the Cathrineberg sugar plantation, the historic Emmaus Moravian Church and spectacular mountaintop views of Coral Bay. Coral Bay village is the site of the original Danish Virgin Islands settlement on St. John.. It played a key role in the island’s tragic slave revolt of 1733. The tour includes a visit to the isolated East End community, whose residents are known for their skills as carpenters, stone masons, boat builders and basket makers. Here, at Privateer Bay, visitors to St. John Virgin Islands also learn about the many famous pirates and privateers like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, who once sailed the waters of St. John U.S. Virgin Islands. The tour concludes with stops at Salt Pond and Lameshur Bay beaches.
4. REEF BAY TRAIL (5 Hours). Involves a full-day hike into St. John's fascinating world of fauna and flora. Reef Bay Trail is one of numerous hiking trails identified in our St. John guidebook. Along the Trail, hikers visit ancient rock carvings ("petroglyphs") and tour the abandoned ruins of the last operating sugar plant on St. John. There are field guides to local plants and woodland critters to help visitors identify St. John’s fauna and flora. There are also guides to the island's  flowers, birds, fish and marine life.. 

This St. John U.S. Virgin Islands guidebook is fully illustrated with color photography throughout. The book makes a wonderful sightseeing aid and a great gift idea for anyone contemplating a trip the island. The book has lots of valuable information to aid tourists in planning their vacation activities while on St. John.  

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